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Mobile Game Development Framework - Key features

Rapid Development Environment

Designed for speed, The PlayScapeTM Studio is a free game engine for the creation of mobile games that enable developers to quickly and easily build their content. With an easy-to-use interface, a built-in simulator and features carefully tailored for mobile game development, The PlayScape Studio is the mobile development tool that will save you time and allow you to concentrate on developing the next big mobile hit.

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PlayScape Platform Integration

Games created with The PlayScape Studio are integrated into PlayScapeTM Platform - with more than 30 million users - PlayScape is the first mobile Mega-Game to provide users with a uniform cross-game experience by allowing Experience Points and Virtual Currency accumulated in one game to be completely transferable to any game.

With PlayScape Platform integration it is guaranteed that your game will get the exposure it deserves. Read more about PlayScape Platform and view it in Google Play here

Wide Device Support

The PlayScape Studio allows you to overcome the Android device fragmentation by providing real time warnings and guidelines during the development stage of the game. With The PlayScape Studio you can now create mobile content that is supported by all Android devices without having to purchase devices yourself, and saving time and money.


On-device Testing

PlayScapes' Get2Mobile feature gives mobile game developers a hands-on testing experience by letting you test your games and content on your own mobile device.

Simulation Kit

The PlayScape Studio has cross platform development tools which contains an integrated simulator with profiling tools that allow you to view content on different Android mobile devices with different capabilities.

Backward & Forward Compatibility

The mobile content you create today will be supported by the Android mobile devices of tomorrow. No rewriting will be required, saving you time and maximizing your revenues.